Saturday, June 11, 2011

11 June 2011 - Part2

66098 fluorescence positive and negative fashion to wear two-piece short-sleeved printed T letter
(Color): Black (Black)
(Material): Cotton (Cotton)
(Size): Size (Free Size)
(Bust) :68-92 CM
(Length): 63 CM
(Shoulder with Sleeve): 25 CM
(Length): 42 CM
(Price): RM 29.90

62292 Chiffon Blouse stitching cotton lace drawstring dress dress vest
(Color): (Yellow)
(Material): (Cotton) + (Chiffon)
(Inner): (Yes)
(Size): (Free Size)
(Bust) :82-116 CM
(Waist) :88-108 CM
(Length): 86 CM
(Price): RM 29.90

F636 Air T shirt cross-piece woven baskets
(Color): (Blue)
(Material): (Cotton)
(Size): (Free Size)
Tape: (Bust) :80-92 CM
(Length): 68 CM (with strap)
(Shoulder with Sleeve): 12 CM
(Waist) :48-98 CM
(Length): 54 CM
(Price): RM 29.90

9950 striped chiffon dress (with belt)
(Color): (Grey)
(Material): (Chiffon)
(Inner): (Yes)
(Size): (Free Size)
(Bust) :80-98 CM
(Shoulder with Sleeve): 16 CM
(Waist) :60-100 CM
(Length): 82 CM
(Price): RM 29.90

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